À LA CARTE Magazine was the final project for my senior-year Media Studies class. Project consisted on creating a fictional magazine cover, table of contents and double-page spread based on research of genre conventions. I chose to do a high-end food magazine and did a "Cocktail Issue." I made all elements of the magazine (design, layout, and all photography). Read more about my journey designing and picking this project here.
I chose to do a food magazine since I adore food for its taste, aesthetic, and unique ability to bring people together; things I grew up with seeing in Colombia's vibrant food scene. From a young age, I admired the culinary arts and to this day I dream of owning a restaurant in the future (if I ever decide on my favorite cuisine!).

Below are my designs placed in a mock-up of what the magazine would look like if published.

Cover page

Table of Contents

Double-page spread article

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