After having served as one of the class of 2023 student government senators during the 2020-21 school year, I decided to run for re-election. However, this time there was more competition in the race, so I decided to come up with a campaign to sell people on my personal brand, ideas and personality. Frankly, I wasn't sure how well people knew me, so decided to go all out, put myself way out of my comfort zone, and won!
For my campaign, I wanted to share with people a few things about my personality and interests. These were: my creativity and my commitment to the Babson community. 
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Collaborative Spotify playlist
Collaborative Spotify playlist
Retro Feel: Disposables
I decided to bring in my alter ego, @cristionfilm. This is a spam account I have on Instagram where I post film photos with friends. This is a casual and fun page, something I wanted to share about myself. To leverage this, I went around campus asking friends and acquaintances to take "film" photos with me to showcase support from the Babson community and my artsy side.
Love for Music: Spotify Collaborative Playlist
Another tactic I employed was making a collaborative playlist on Spotify and sharing it on my Instagram. The aim of this was to share some of my music taste, something I think is important in showing part of a person's personality. By making it collaborative, I wanted to show the fact that I want to be an SGA officer that is there to hear people's opinions since I encouraged people to share their songs.

PR and Graphics
For further social media engagement, I strategically garnered support from a beloved member of the Babson community, Roger the Babson dog. I got a film photo with him and posted it on my story, something he then reposted on his page, exposing my campaign to more people in the community. Additionally, I made the graphic on the left to share on my story and people's stories. This graphic shows my "aesthetic" as it has lots of green (my favorite color) and has a vintage feel, something I love in design and fashion.
Finally, I made this video to share on my story. It is inspired by a TikTok trend and was a perfect way for me to showcase my love for film photos and creativity, important parts of my personality/taste.

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